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R&D Field
The PNS R&D center has expanded its technology by partnering with foreign global companies to develop non-contact, ultra-precision dimensional measuring and defect inspection equipment application systems for industrial areas, and is striving to contribute to the society through R&D such as expanding application cases in the industrial sector and promoting the development of new products.

Based on the personnel and technical skills of measurement software and solutions, the R&D center is responding to the development of manufacturing industry equipment and products that customers can operate more efficiently and conveniently, such as the development of non-contact measuring and defect inspection equipment systems using non-contact 3D laser scanners, various sensors and machine vision, and the development of non-contact inspection technology for manufacturing process using collaborative robots.

We are developing and supplying in-line measuring equipment, which has become a high-tech fusion, though on-site inspection of NEEDS, which was required in various fields that were not applied to industrial sites due to limitations of technology.

Non-destructive ultrasonic test machine developed by our company and recognized in the global market is contributing as an important process for customers through continuous sales, and development of semiconductor and secondary batteries based on the results of development of balancing measuring and calibration processing machine and line-up of high capacity wireless power transmission technology, application technology for transmission line of LED manufacturing lines, robot and new products.
Measurement and Inspection Algorithm
Automation software
Factory automation system
In manual and visual inspection environments, there is a high probability of measurement error occurring depending on the tester and the results of the test are not constant. In this environment, it is necessary to introduce an automated inspection system to make inspections more efficient. PNS processes the information data entered into the CMOS sensor of the laser scanner and provides solutions for instrument automation by supporting the algorithm for recognizing various defects and developing programs according to the customer’s needs. Supports system components and data managers for data visualization, as well as recording and software tools that enable integration of on-site inspection equipment into a variety of automated systems.