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Non-destructive Ultrasonic Test Machine
Non-destructive Ultrasonic test machine is a device that inspects internal weld defects (size, quantity of non-welding, cracking, pin hole, blow hole, etc) in the weld after welding of the electron beam. We store and manage production capability of measurement inspection data, and provide improved quality of welding products, especially in the mass production line of automotive parts. In addition, it can be used as a defect measuring device for products and structure in various industrial fields and is manufactured and supplied with automated inspection.
Features and advantages
  • ① The entire core technology of ultrasonic wave inspection has been developed by PNS.
  • ② You can inspect various types of products pre-programmed in the controller with a single touch.
  • ③ New investment is not required even when you want to add new workpiece model or test location and the software upgrade version may be supplied without additional purchase of equipment.
  • ④ The software has built-in digital filter function and no limit on the number of use.
  • ⑤ Due to the high sensitivity of the sensor and good resolution, precise measurement can be made in a difficult environment.
Principle and configuration diagram.
Configuration Diagram

Non-destructive Inspection using ultrasonic waves is carried out and ultrasonic waves are sent to the welding area of the target by adjusting the position precisely using a servo motor. Ultrasonic waves can be used to measure and analyze the size and input time of signals returning through voltage, using data mapping techniques, since ultrasonic waves can strike the surface of objects outside of the first lane and the boundary of internal defects and then re-engage into the piezoelectric element(vibration) and generate voltages while vibrating again.


Non-destructive defect Inspection can be performed through various UT and pulse RECEIVER configuration such as transmittance and reflection methods. It also performs surface detection and text detection through AE(Acoustic Emission Method), NAUT(Non-contact AIR UT), AIR detection and RASTER Scan method.

Applicable product shape
Non-destructive test measurement of automotive parts welds
Defect position display and section cutting after defect inspection