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EBW Principle
Electron beam welding is a method that is used in various industries such as high-density welding of automotive parts, thin plate welding for secondary battery, welding of MLCC and resistance manufacturing process, semiconductor chip welding of PCB board. The application process is expanding on the back of industrial innovation and its history is reaching about 100 years.

Electron beam welding is a technique that accelerates electrons generated by heating the filament of the cathode to a bias potential difference between the cathode and the anode in a vacuum (1x 10-2)environment that induces electron release, and the magnetic coil controls the amount of current to melt and bond using the thermal energy generated by colliding the collected electron against the target. The mass of electrons is very small compared to the mass of air, so it is necessary to create a vacuum environment of 6.7pa or less to prevent scattering of beams.