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Q4 Series
an essential component
of our OEM-Turnkey-Solutions
Q4 for standard 2D/3D measurement applications
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Features and Advantages
Principle: Laser Line Triangulation

QuellTech laser-scanners make use of the triangulation principle to detect the two-dimensional profile of surfaces. By means of particular optical components, a point-shaped laser beam is expanded to a line and projected to the object of interest. The diffuse light of the reflected laser line is captured by an objective at a certain angle and then directed to a two-dimensional receiver chip.

On the basis of distances and angles known, a precise calibrated height value (z) is calculated for each pixel in the x level (laser line), resulting in a precise profile in the x-z plane of the sample. If the scanner is guided over the sample (y axis), a series of profiles is created forming a three-dimensional point cloud in space. This point cloud can be subjected by dimensional control carried out by the software.

Q4 Laser Scanner, Compact Design with Low Shape Factors also for Complex Surfaces
The QuellTech laser scanners perfectly meet all requirements for a large range of measuring applications, allowing flexible integration even into difficult environment.  A particular benefit, compared to other laser scanner products, is their high stability against interaction with extraneous light.
  • X-Measuring Range from 4,5 to 650 mm
  • Z-Measuring range (Height) from 5,9 to 1000 mm
  • Laser wave length blue 405/450 nm, red 658 nm
Different optical power classes are available from 1 to 1400 mW. For optimum adaptation to the surfaces to be examined, the power class and wave length can be selected.
Q4 Laser Scanner, Further Properties
  • Resolution down to 0,8 µm (numeric resolution)
  • Fully automatic exposure algorithm, adapts to the surface of the corresponding object
  • High stability against secondary light
  • Master-Slave configuration for Multi-scanner application
  • Individual extremely precise calibration at the site of the manufacturer
  • Casing with small shape factor (Business Card Footprint)
  • Over-temperature protection circuit for laser
  • Large selection of cases and measuring ranges
  • Data transmission via Ethernet
  • High resistivity against vibrations and impact
  • Air/water cooling for high-temperature applications with glowing material available upon request
  • Protective glasses for harsh environment available upon request
  • Encoder input for HTL signals
  • Extremely thin laser lines to be achieved by particular optical components
  • SDK for connection to known image processing software tools
  • Software for supervision of correct tracking
  • Machine Vision Software for creation of complex routines without programming
  • Demo Software for quick feasibility test
Product Specifications
Scan rate : 200/350 Hz · Resolution in X : 580 pixel · Linearity : < 0.06 % of FS · Laser color : Red, Green, Blue
Measurement of steel ingots using a 2D laser scanner
Automated welding bead inspection

· Free Shape Comparison

· Profile

· Width

· Height

· Depth

· Edge

· Groove

· Channel

· Bead

· Angle

· Roundness

· Presence

· Planarity

· Deformation

· Flushness

· Volume

· Position

· Completeness

· Track Accuracy

· Doubling